French Narrator: Ah, it is another beautiful day in Bikini Bottom. The sun is shining, The scallops are chriping and all the people of Bikini Bottom are holding clocks. I wonder what their age will be until the time passes. Let us watch and see what happens when time is really passed. So get your clocks ready. (This starts where the scene cuts to SpongeBob, Harold, Margret and Grandma SquarePants, Gary, Snellie and Lary on the boatmobile)

Gary, Snellie and Lary: Hi Grandma SquarePants!

Harold SquarePants: Like we would become shortly to pick you up, Mom.

Grandma SquarePants: Thanks for picking me up and invite me back to the pineapple.

Margret SquarePants: Don't mention it, Mom.

SpongeBob: That's what SquarePants families are for.

Harold SquarePants: By the way have you met SpongeBob's three snails?

Grandma SquarePants: I do. I have remembered the time when I used to have a pet snail. (Pets Gary on the shell) But I don't remember about a home which is a pineapple.

Margret SquarePants: That's great, Mom.

SpongeBob: Wait! I know about my home! (Gary, Snellie and Lary falls off of SpongeBob) I bet if we show you around my pineapple home maybe you'll probably remember. (Gary, Snellie and Lary climbs back on top of SpongeBob)

Grandma SquarePants: You know SpongeBob, that's a wonderful idea. (Bubbles come up as the scene cuts to SpongeBob's house. SpongeBob, Harold, Margret, Gary, Snellie and Lary showed Grandma SquarePants around SpongeBob's home)

Gary: Meow.

Snellie: Meow.

Lary: Meow.

SpongeBob: Gary, Snellie and Lary said this is my living room and the kitchen.

Grandma SquarePants: Wow. Now I remember where the living room is. That's the television, a snail's clock, a chair and a couch. And the kitchen there's a table, the fridge and the stove.

SpongeBob: My home has a lot of things. I hope you can get comfortable to sit in my chair.

Grandma SquarePants: Thanks. (She sits down on SpongeBob's chair and gets comfortable)

Margret SquarePants: SpongeBob dear! Dinner is almost ready!

SpongeBob: Coming Mom! (Scene cuts to the kitchen where SpongeBob, Harold, Margret and Grandma SquarePants are having dinner. Gary, Snellie and Lary made pizza with extra cheese)

Harold SquarePants: Ah, I don't know how you do it snails but that's the best pizza you've ever made.

Gary: Meow.

Snellie: Meow.

Lary: Meow.

Grandma SquarePants: Oh I can't eat another bite. I used to bake a lot of things since the day SpongeBob was born. And I remember when SpongeBob had it's first Krabby Patty.

Margret SquarePants: You know there's something fillmillar about this pizza. It's very cheesey.

SpongeBob: Well, time for me to spend the night with my own parents. (SpongeBob, Gary, Snellie and Lary went up to the bedroom while getting ready for bed)

Harold SquarePants: Just don't forget to brush your teeth while your up there, Son. (In SpongeBob's bedroom SpongeBob is drawing a picture of a snail plasma which kinda looks like a shot)

SpongeBob: Oh doesn't look anything like it. (Takes the paper up and balls it) I'll have to try again. (Throws the balled up paper away) I gotta draw this snail plasma and show it to my Grandma before she leaves next week.

Gary: Meow.

Snellie: Meow.

Lary: Meow.

SpongeBob: Gary, Snellie and Lary, maybe I think Grandma SquarePants is right. You three are cute. But I did draw this snail plasma correct.

Gary: Meow.

Snellie: Meow.

Lary: Meow.

SpongeBob: Well, it looks like it's time for beddy bye. (He picks up Gary, Snellie and Lary and puts them on the three newspaper beds and he gets onto bed and fell fast asleep) Night night Gary, Snellie and Lary. (SpongeBob, Gary, Snellie and Lary fell fast asleep. When suddenly, Squidward sneaks up behind SpongeBob's bedroom and used a snail plasma shot on a snail plasma picture. He puts a picture of a snail plasma right on SpongeBob's face and wents back to his Easter Head Island house. The next morning, SpongeBob woke up and gets out of bed with a yawn. He runs very slowly to the bathroom when Gary, Snellie and Lary woke up) Whoa. I'm getting...(voice sound deeper) A lot slower. (Gary, Snellie and Lary followed SpongeBob to the bathroom SpongeBob looks in the mirror and his voice echoes) Look at me! Never better! (Yelps while his body goes into transformation he yells as his eyes transform like Gary's eyes and screams. SpongeBob slowly falls to the floor and mubbles something as his arms gradually disappears] That’s ok, I’m a lefty anyway. [his feet disappear] Now I don’t have to buy those new shoes! [his body shortens up like a snail] Ahh, help me Mom and Dad! (His hump back grow and his pants turned into a shell) Something is wrong with meeeeeow!

Gary: Meow?

Snellie: Meow?

Lary: Meow? [SpongeBob is a fully breaded snail now]

SpongeBob: Meow!


Gary: (In a high pitched male voice) SpongeBob, Is that you?

SpongeBob: Meow. Meow.

Snellie: (In a high pitched female voice) He's turned into a snail again!

Lary: (In Mitch Mitchellson's voice) Yeah, he's a fully breaded snail now.

SpongeBob: Meow. Meow. Meow.

Gary: Yes!! This is a job for the snail detectives!! (Scene cuts to SpongeBob the breaded snail, Gary, Snellie and Lary inside the snail clubhouse. Mary's Ex- boyfriend/Boss looks at SpongeBob and looks impressed)

Boss: Well, little runts I might say I was wrong about your owner the yellow runt.

SpongeBob: Meow.

Gary: So like I said. SpongeBob's been turned into a snail and get nelgected by a snail plasma and we use to sing a song at night called "Blow The Man Down". Sometimes Squidward's too.

SpongeBob: Meow!

Daniel: (In Oxnard's voice) How do we turn SpongeBob back to his own square shape when he's now a full breaded snail?

Lary: Simple. All we need to do is ask someone for help.

SpongeBob: Meow meow.

Spike: Maybe some figure put a shot on him.

Dan: It's us who was the one that put that snail plasma on him.

Victoria: (In Pashmina's voice) It wasn't you boys it was somebody else!

Mary: (In Bijou's voice) You two are annoying bully snails.

Spike: Well, sorry.

Micheal: (In Panda a ham ham's voice) We need a plan.

Eugene: (In Cappy's voice) Like we give SpongeBob the fully breaded snail the antidote.

Edward: (In Dexter a ham ham's voice) Yes indeed. Antidote is what it heals people with.

Penney: (In Howdy's voice) Yeah I agree with ya!

Petey: (In Maxwell's voice) I bet if I can go over some of those books we might find a living legended snail.

Sweet Sue: (In Betty's voice) Well Petey hurry up willl ya so we can go see it and help us.

Snellie: We need to find a legendnary snail that can turn SpongeBob back to his square shape.

Pat: (In Panelope's voice) Meow.

SpongeBob: Meow!

Rocky: (In Snoozer's voice) Getting older! A walk for mile days. Who will light up the torch?

All Snails: Older?

Foofie: (In Duckworth's voice) Older hun?

Mosteeze: (In Sandy a ham ham's voice) Who's older?

Petey: Older. Hey! That's it! I bet Larry Luciano can help us turn SpongeBob back to his own square shape! (Bubbles come up as the scene cuts to SpongeBob the breaded snail and all the snails slithering out of the snail clubhouse) Larry Luciano is a legendnary snail who can lit torches at Oyster Stadium.

Mary: Wow. He must be the one who can help us.

Gary: So tell me, Petey. Where can we find this Larry Luciano?

Petey: He's outside near Bikini Bottom. Near the Bikini Bottom Zoo and inside Oyster Stadium. It's just up ahead. (He points to outside when the scene fades to black. Scene cuts to Oyster Stadium where all snails see Larry Luciano holding a cane looking all older. He tells all the snails and SpongeBob the fully breaded snail if he can help)

Larry Luciano: (In Elder Ham's voice) Well, what an unspected surprised. You snails think you could use some of your help. Your Sponge friend here seem to have turned into a snail I see. But If you needed of any help I can help you. (Starts to think in his head) Hmmmm.

Boss: Okay spit it out we haven't even got all day you know.

Petey: Shh. Be quiet he's thinking. (Larry Luciano thinks even harder)

All Snails: C'mon. C'mon. C'mon.

SpongeBob: Meow!

Gary: (In his head) I can't wait to show what he's head against. (Larry Luciano thinks even harder and harder but then he's falls asleep. All Snails and SpongeBob the fully breaded snail falls down by fading with a groan)

Boss: Wake up!!!

Larry Luciano: (Wakes up) Oh oh. Ooh what a surprise I've must've fallen asleep on ya hun?

Boss: Pay attention will ya?

Spike: He probably forgotten what the idea is.

Larry Luciano: No I wasn't. I was just resting my eyelids. (To Gary) You there. You must be the one with a pink shell and a red swirl it must be Ms. Tuffsy right?

Gary: Gary the Snail, Wise one.

Larry Luciano: Whatever your name is. I just remembered. There's a clock but to know what time it is unless your spongepal will be stuck as a breaded snail forever.

Daniel: So then you'll help us?

Larry Luciano: Of course I'll help. Why don't you follow me? I'll show you where to find the town to Bikini Bottom.

Micheal: See, Boss what did we tell ya he's a nice guy.

Boss: Are you sure?

Sweet Sue: Yes. And he always tell stories about something.

Gary: What are we waiiting for? Let's go!

Snellie and Lary: Yeah! (All Snails followed Larry Luciano when the scene cuts back to SpongeBob's house. Grandma SquarePants went to SpongeBob's room while she's looking for SpongeBob)

Grandma SquarePants: SpongeBob? SpongeBob, are you in here? (She sees a drawing picture of a snail plasma that she stepped on) Oh. What's this? (She picks up the drawing picture of a snail plasma) Did he just drew this? I better show this to Harold. (She goes back down the stairs to the living room to see Harold SquarePants while Patrick Star is outside knocking on the door and drinking his milkshake. Just then Sandy came by)

Sandy: Patrick, where's SpongeBob?

Patrick: I don't know. I've been knocking on his door for three hours. I need his hot sauce for my milkshake. [drinks his milkshake]

Sandy: We ain't got time for that. Hi-yah! [brushes through the door]

Grandma SquarePants: Hello? Is someone at the door?

Sandy: Who's there?

Grandma SquarePants: It's me Grandma!

Sandy: Grandma? (Goes to the living room)

Margret SquarePants: Sandy, Patrick! I'm so glad you're here.

Sandy: Mr and Mrs. SquarePants, y'all seen SpongeBob around?

Harold SquarePants: Uhh what we ment to say is... no we haven't seen him.

Margret SquarePants: He's been gone with his three pet snails since he left his house.

Grandma SquarePants: And besides I just went into his room and found this picture. (Sandy sees the drawing picture of a snail plasma SpongeBob drew)

Sandy: SpongeBob's gone?

Patrick: Where's are they?

Margret SquarePants: If you want to find our son you have to ask somebody.

Sandy: Okay. C'mon, Pat. Let's ask somebody if they all seen SpongeBob around. (Sandy and Patrick go outside to the town of Bikini Bottom while the bubbles go up as the scene cuts to Mr. Krabs' anchor house. Sandy knocks on the door. Pearl opens the door)

Pearl: Hello?

Sandy: Pearl, have y'all seen SpongeBob around?

Pearl: Yes. And I just saw the news. SpongeBob's been turned into a snail and joins the other snails.

Patrick: If we find SpongeBob we need to tell all the others where he is.

Pearl: Can I come?

Sandy: Sure. C'mon Pearl. Let's tell everybody if they all seen SpongeBob around. (Sandy, Pearl and Patrick goes to the town of Bikini Bottom and ask all the fish while spilting up)

Patrick: (To Scooter and his friends) We can use some help finding my best buddy SpongeBob have you seen him?

Scooter: Dude, I've seen SpongeBob. He went to the tree with the other snails.

Patrick: Thanks. (Scene cuts to Pearl asking her friends where SpongeBob is)

Pearl: Have you girls seen SpongeBob around?

Judy: Sure we've seen SpongeBob around he went into the tree with all the other snails.

Amy and Jenny: Totally.

Pearl: Thanks. (Scene cuts to Sandy showing the fish kids the picture of a snail plasma SpongeBob drew)

Sandy: The snail plasma looks just like this. (Billy and Monroe looked at each other)

Billy: Sure we've seen SquarePants around.

Monroe: He's turned into a snail and went outside with Gary. Isn't he cute?

Sandy: Thanks. (Scene cuts to all snails and SpongeBob the breaded snail following Larry Luciano to the tree)

Victoria: So this is where we see so far that we can see somebody.

Larry Luciano: Some people like to see somebody really far while there sitting on the bench. Let's climb up a tree and see shall we? (All snails and SpongeBob the fully breaded snail slithered up a tree and stand on a very very very long branch to see very very far)

Spike: Okay were up in a tree. So now what?

Dan: Tell where somebody is, Granmps.

SpongeBob: Meow!

Larry Luciano: Well, in order to stand up on a branch, we have to wait very paiently.

Penney: I'm waiting paiently.

Edward: Me too.

Sweet Sue: Me three.

Eugene: I'm looking.

Pat: Meow.

Mary: Why are we waiting for somebody so old and sweet?

Lary: Yeah, We need to look harder.

Foofie: Somebody's gonna look after Larry Luciano for some point.

Larry Luciano: Meow?

SpongeBob: Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow.

Gary: Really, SpongeBob? You know that we're all stuck in a tree?

SpongeBob: Meow.

Snellie: Oh. Now what will we do now that we snails are all stuck in a tree, Larry Luciano?

Boss: She's got the point. What will we do?

Edward: How do you know he's not gonna fall asleep on us again?

Mosteeze: To be honest. I don't know.

Boss: Please, Granmps. What will we do? (Larry Luciano falls asleep again with a snooze) WAKE UP AND FOCUS!!!

Larry Luciano: (Wakes up) Meow?! Oh I don't know what I had in me. What are we searching for again?

Daniel: You said we were searching for somebody sweet and old that we were waiting for.

Larry Luciano: Oh my. Yes. That's it. That's the one. I think I was going to get to that part sort of.

Boss: You're fired!

Gary, Snellie and Lary: Oaah! (Sees somebody) Meow?

Daniel, Boss, Dan, Spike, Petey, Foofie, Edward, and Penney: (Sees somebody) Meow?

Micheal, Victoria, Eugene, Pat, Sweet Sue, Mosteeze and Mary: (Sees somebody) Meow? (Scene fades to black. Scene fades back where we see a kind old lady fish named' Grandma sits on the bench looking at the clock)

Gary: Maybe that's her. She must be the one who has the clock.

Lary: Yeah, but those glasses look very fillmillar.

Snellie: That's the same Grandma that over fed the other snails.

Daniel: She must be something.

Larry Luciano: That's Ms. Tuffsy's grandmother. Ms. Tuffsy is a snail that has never returned to Bikini Bottom ever.

Sweet Sue: How sad.

Dan: Hey Boss, There's someone down there.

Boss: Who is it? (All snails but Larry Luciano and SpongeBob the fully breaded snail see Patrick, Sandy and Pearl running past by looking for SpongeBob)

Spike: Look who's here.

Gary: Hey! It's Sandy, Patrick and Pearl!

Snellie: They must be looking for SpongeBob!

Lary: Yeah. And their headed towards our tree!

SpongeBob: Meow!! (Cut to Patrick, Sandy and Pearl)

Pearl: How much further can we get to SpongeBob?

Patrick: Yeah, I'm getting tired.

Sandy: A little more time then we'll get to the down point. (Cut to all snails and SpongeBob the fully breaded snail)

Daniel: Stop, Sandy! You're going the wrong way!

Victoria: Someone tune this clock!

Eugene: Yeah, she putting it down!

Pat: Meow!

Sweet Sue: There headed this way!

Gary: No way! (He slithers really fast all the way down to the tree)

Snellie: Gary!

Petey: Let him go. He knows what he's doing. (Gary slithers fast all the way to the bench and picks up Grandma's clock. He tunes it really quickly to make a lulababy music then he slithers back to the tree)

Grandma: Hun? (Sees the clock who's making a lulaby music she picks it up and looks at it)

Gary: I did it!!

Boss: Ha ha ha ha ha. That's my Runt.

Mary: You did it, Gary! My hero!

Pat: Meow meow!!

Gary: Thanks, Mary. (Cut to Sandy, Patrick and Pearl walking at the end at this path Grandma sees Sandy, Patrick and Pearl who were standing there. Then we cut back to all the snails up in a tree by a long tree branch)

Lary: Ok SpongeBob, Now's your chance. Go!

SpongeBob: Meow!! (Slithers down out of the tree and goes to Sandy, Patrick and Pearl)

Grandma: You're telling me that you're friends with the yellow sponge?

Sandy: Of course. His name was SpongeBob and he's our friend.

Patrick: Yeah old lady, were trying to find him and now he's gone with all the other snails. (Suddenly, SpongeBob came slithering by)

SpongeBob: Meow!

Pearl: (Sees SpongeBob) There he is!

Sandy: SpongeBob!! How's you get here anyway?

SpongeBob: Meow.

Pearl: Ok ok I got to admit. I don't know what that means.

Grandma: Oh you've found the yellow sponge and he looks just like Ms. Tuffsy.

Patrick: Thanks.

Grandma: (Looks at the clock) Oh look at the time. It must be sunset.

Pearl: Oh no. If SpongeBob's parents leave then time will be up for the sunsets at night!

SpongeBob: Meow meow meow meow.

Sandy: Really, SpongeBob? You'll bring your parents here and Grandma SquarePants?

SpongeBob: Meow!

Patrick: Better hurry, Buddy!

Pearl: Good luck, SpongeBob! We're counting on you.

SpongeBob: Meow! (Slithers off really really fast. Cut to all the snails on the tree branch. Gary climbs back up on a tree and slithers back to the other snails on a tree branch. They saw SpongeBob the fully breaded snail slithering faster back to the pineapple to find his parents)

Larry Luciano: We did everything already, now it's up to him.

Gary: C'mon, SpongeBob you can do it! (SpongeBob slithers as fast as he can all the way to the town of Bikini Bottom he slithers so fast that he went back to his pineapple home. Mr and Mrs. SquarePants opens the door and Grandma SquarePants is about to leave)

Grandma SquarePants: Thanks again for inviting me here and having me over for a visit.

Harold SquarePants: You're welcome. Please come back and visit every day.

SpongeBob: (Off screen) Meow!!!!

Margret SquarePants: Hun? Who's that? (SpongeBob the fully breaded snail came rushing back to his parents)

SpongeBob: Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow!

Grandma SquarePants: What's that?

SpongeBob: Meow!

Margret SquarePants: Your friends are with the old fish?

SpongeBob: Meow!

Harold SquarePants: Let's go. (Grandma SquarePants picks up SpongeBob the fully breaded snail and they, Harold and Margret SquarePants run to the town of Bikini Bottom. Scene cuts to all the snails upon the tree on a long tree branch)

Mary: Do you think the little Sponge is okay?

Boss: I'm not sure, Mary. But they can make it.

Spike: What happens when the sun goes down?

Dan: It means it's almost night time.

Snellie: Oh. Did they make it in time?

Lary: Yes. They did! Look! (All snails watched as Grandma, Margret and Harold SquarePants and SpongeBob the fully breaded snail are rushing back to Sandy, Patrick and Pearl)

Grandma SquarePants: KATELIN!

Gary: They did make it!

Larry Luciano: They sure did.

Grandma SquarePants: Katelin, I'm back!

Patrick: Hooray! SpongeBob did it!

Sandy: Way to go, little buddy!

Pearl: That's our hero!

SpongeBob: Meow! (Grandma SquarePants now puts down SpongeBob the fully breaded snail and takes out her clock)

Grandma: It's nice to have all of us grandmas back together.

Grandma SquarePants: Thanks for ever so waiting for me friend.

SpongeBob: Meow. (Grandma SquarePants shows her own clock to Grandma)

Grandma: You brought your clock too.

Grandma SquarePants: Thanks. Now will know what time it is over the month. (Just then, Squidward came by)

Squidward: What's going on around here? Don't think this is a joke is it?

Patrick: Hi, Squidward!

SpongeBob: Meow!!

Squidward: AAAAAAAAAAH!! (To SpongeBob) Oh. It's only you. For a second there I thought he was turned into a snail.

Margret SquarePants: A snail? Oh my!

Harold SquarePants: What accident on a snail plasma our son took?

Grandma SquarePants: Oh. SpongeBob, I was exaclty going to tell you something. I was looking everywhere for you. I was just in your room and found this picture. (She took out a piece of paper as a picture of the snail plasma shot for SpongeBob to see)

SpongeBob: Meow! (Slithers towards the picture and licked it. He licked the snail plasma off of the picture and when time passes, he starts shaking. SpongeBob's snail body disappears his feet, legs, arms, and hands grew back and his eyes pop out and goes back in and while he's back to normal SpongeBob's in square shape once again) Hey! I'm back to my own self again! (Laughs)

Margret SquarePants: Oh our son is back to normal.

Harold SquarePants: Who ever knew he changes so fast. (Cut to all the snails up in a tree on a long tree branch)

Gary: I'm glad that SpongeBob has turned back to his square shape.

Pat: Meow! Meow! Meow!

Lary: Larry Luciano, How come his parents know that he's been turned into a snail all the time?

Larry Luciano: SpongeBob's Grandma held up a picture of a snail plasma so that he can see it and lick the wet machine off. That's why he's back into his square shape.

Mosteeze: I see now. So they're owners of snails and worms.

Petey: And they're been careless all the time.

Foofie: I hope all of our dreams will come true.

Boss: Yeah, Isn't that right, Larry Luciano? (Larry Luciano fell asleep again with a snooze and all the snails faded then got back up again)

Penney: Now that is the one and only legendnary snail.

Spike: Uh-oh. Here we go again.

Dan: He sounds asleep.

Gary: This is why we snails have save the day once again.

Larry Luciano: (Wakes up and laughs) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. (All snails climbed back down the tree and went back to the town of Bikini Bottom. As the scene cuts to SpongeBob's house at night. SpongeBob is sleeping so peacefully while Gary is writing his journal for what he did today)

Gary: Grandma SquarePants comes over to visit SpongeBob and his parents and SpongeBob has turned into a snail again. We get to the snail clubhouse to see what has happened to SpongeBob.

Snellie: When we got out of the snail clubhouse we've met Larry Luciano who was a living legend.

Lary: Then we go to the tree up on top of a long tree branch where we can see all of SpongeBob's friends very far away.

Snellie: Then his Grandma made a friend and they can all hang out together even when they have clocks.

Gary: Or like the snails and the worms. We can all hang out together like best friends and we don't even have clocks. (Closes the snail journal) Looks like we all had a great time didn't we guys? And I think tomorrow will be even more fun.

Snellie: You said it, Gary.

Lary: Yeah, let's all go to sleep. (Gary, Snellie and Lary fell asleep SpongeBob is snoring peacefully as we zoom out to SpongeBob's pineapple home)



Gary: Hi! Gary the snail here!

Sandy: And Sandy.

Gary: Hey, what's her twin brother Randy doing in Bikini Bottom anyway?

Sandy: We're on our way to the rodeo days concert, that's where Texas is.

Gary: Rodeo days concert? Wow I nevered thought of that. That's why my snail friends are having a contest. The snailkids, Mosteeze and Mary are doing rismit gymnastics concert and we are cheering for them. Then we'll know who the winner is.

Gary, Snellie and Lary: Next. "Let's Dance Mosteeze!" See ya then!!