Mary's Ex boyfriend in Gary in Love
Mary's Ex boyfriend in Gary in Love
180px-138b Marys Ex-Freund
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Mary's Ex-Boyfriend
Mary's Ex-Boyfriend, also called Boss, is a sea snail who only appeared in the episode "Gary in Love" as the main antagonist and in the online game Gary's Crush.

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As his name indicates, he used to be Mary the Snail's boyfriend. He appears very dangerous because of his numerous threats to Gary. He also has his own gang with other dangerous snails. At the end of "Gary in Love," he apologizes to Gary about being mean to him (possibly due to sympathy) and invites him to dinner.

Boss has a purple shell with a blue swirl and blue dots he also has a scar on his shell. He has olive colored skin and wears a brown hat. He and his gang's meows are translated into English for the audience's sake except for when he's talking to a pet store owner.

Mary's Ex- boyfriend was only seen in the hit T.V. Series "The Adventures Of Gary The Snail."


Hey, Light wit! What do you think you're doing with my girl? (to Mary) Come on Mary, let's go.

You've just made a big mistake pal.

Hey, this ain't over, Runt! When I'm get thought with you, The doctor won't know where to sow your lips back on...or two! (two of the other angry snails slither up to their leader of the snail gang) That little runt is going to get what's coming to him!

After me, fellas.

'Cause bad guys don't actually use the front door!

All right. listen up! Any of you seen a snail come through here? About a... ye tall, a shell, couple of eyes?

Oh, okay, Let's see here. uhh, This particular snail think it's really funny to make Google eyes on my girl. (All the other snails laugh and continued playing and doing stunts) Hey! What you was all giggling at? They're giggling at me! Alright, that it! you we'res all going on my list! He's got that... 'GIRL' on the list!

Meow meow meow meow?

He's trying to pull up the fast one, fellas. (smiles evilly) Why don't we give him a taste of our own grand of swift justice?!

Ha! That's enough, Boys. I've think we've done a farrow job.

Oh yeah? (slithers toward the cage with a bat) I know you we'res in there, you little Runt!



Hey! This ain't over yet, Runt! (The two snails start growling at each other when Brad shows up from the T.V.)


(smiles then To Gary) Eh. Come on Runt, I'll show you this great dumpster where we can find some seaweed noodle stew.

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