Lary the Snail is a stray snail with a bad attitude that SpongeBob had brought home from the pound after Gary had chosen to live with Patrick instead and Rex ran away. He had only appeared in the episode "Dumped". Larry has very bushy eyebrows that resemble Udon's eyebrow on his head and Larry likes sleeping on beds. He hisses when he doesn't get his way. Lary was only seen in the hit T.V. Series " The Adventures Of Gary The Snail." He is the voice by Tom Kenny same voice as Mitch Michelson.

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Lary has very thick and bushy black eyebrows that resembles Oscar the Grouch's eyebrow on his head. He has an olive brown shell with light brown dots, a purple curl on his shell, and a pink and jade green underside. He hates sleeping on newspapers on the floor and would rather sleep on a bed. He hisses when he does not like something, or he does not get his way.

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Lary was the first snail that SpongeBob bought home after thinking Gary went to live with Patrick. One of the first things SpongeBob does with Lary is feeding him (giving him Gary's food bowl crossing out the "G" and replacing it with an "L"). However, Lary hisses at the food and a fightened SpongeBob takes it away. A little later, SpongeBob prepares himself to go to sleep and has put a bunch of newspaper on the floor for Lary to sleep on. However,  Lary rips up the newspaper and takes over SpongeBob's bed forcing his owner SpongeBob to sleep on the floor. The next day, Lary was watching television until SpongeBob interrupted him with a snail joke. Lary isn't amused by this joke and hisses at SpongeBob before leaving (presumably out of the house).

In the video game Lights, Camera, Pants!, he is a pet of the Sneaky Hermit.

Trivia EditEdit

  • He makes a cameo in Lights, Camera, Pants! as The Sneaky Hermit's pet snail.
    • He also has a mustache in Lights, Camera, Pants!, but a very small one.
      • In "Gary's New Toy," when Gary hisses at the end, he looks like Lary.
      • His name is similar to the SpongeBob crew member Larry Leichliter, who was the animation director on the particular episode this episode is paired with and is also similar to Larry the Lobster's name.
      • He appears as the challenge tiki in SpongeBob's Truth or Square.




(Talks in Mitch Mitchellson's voice in every episode)




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