Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, Gary the Snail!

Gary: It's Gary's time!

Snellie and Lary: Yeah!

(Mary's Ex- boyfriend turns on the music radio to the theme song)

Gary: (Singing) Gary, Snellie, Lary and you.

Snellie: (Singing) Goin on adventures is what we snails do!

Lary: (Singing) Asking...

Gary: What?

Snellie: Where?

Lary: Why?

Gary: When?

Snellie: How?

Lary: And Who? (singing) Go ahead... Go ahead, Gary!

Gary: (singing) La la la la, la la la! La la la la, la la la la! Here's Gary!

Snellie: Snellie!

Lary: And Lary!

Boss: Boss!

Daniel: Daniel!

Little Dollar: Little Dollar!

Yo-Yo: Yo-Yo!

Micheal: Micheal!

Victoria: Victoria!

Eugene: Eugene! And Pat!

Pat: Meow meow!

Penney: Penney!

Sweet Sue: Sweet Sue!

Edward: Edward!

Muffsies: Muffsies!

Mary: Mary!

Billy: Billy!

Petey: Petey!

Rocky: Rocky!

Foofie: And Foofie!

All Snails: (singing) Talking Snails you and I... We can solve it if we try! There's nothing we can do!

Pat: (singing) Meow meow meow meow!

All Snails: (singing) Me, Us, You and owners too! La la la la, la la la! La la la la, la la la la! A snail can run and jump and climb and make it really proud!!! But the things that snails love the most as we are talking SNAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (music ends) Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Dan and Spike: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Whooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Title: Nickelodeon's The Adventures Of Gary The Snail

"Based on SpongeBob SquarePants" Created By Stephen Hillenburg

Episode Title: "Living Like Gary!"French Narrator: Ahh, Goo Lagoon. Where the beach people surf the perfect wave of sand and sea. SpongeBob and Patrick are making an extreme cool trick videos on tape. Let's Watch and see what happens on this amazing cool trick.

Patrick: Okay, SpongeBob I'm about to do a cool trick! Watch me now. (He tries to do a trick called the Funk-a-daily but he falls over on his back) Oh... Tatar sauce!

SpongeBob: Don't give up, Patrick you'll get the hang of these tricks, Besides I have to get em on video with this camera.

Patrick: I got this, buddy. I'll do the... Triple Whip. Here I go. (He tries to do the triple whip while jumping and spinning around lifting one leg but he falls on his bottom) Oh. Fish paste!

SpongeBob: Come on, Pat. There still some tricks you haved tried like a mean belly or the run around.

Patrick: What's the use, SpongeBob? I'll never do a trick like anybody else.

SpongeBob: But you gotta do a cool trick or we'll never put it on video.

Patrick: Well, looks like we need somebody with a cool trick.

SpongeBob and Patrick: Hmmm..... (Just then, Larry the Lobster came strolling by to SpongeBob and Patrick)

Larry Lobster: Hey, Patrick! Hey, SpongeBob!

SpongeBob: Hi ya, Larry!

Larry Lobster: What're you too doing on this fine fine day?

SpongeBob: We're making an extreme video on film from this camera.

Patrick: Yeah. It's called cool tricks!

Larry Lobster: Cool tricks huh? You know. There is somebody in your house doing some cool tricks.

SpongeBob: Really who is he?

Larry Lobster: He was Gary. He has done many tricks of actions.

Patrick: Really? By who?

Larry Lobster: By living like him, Gary the Snail.

Patrick: What's that have to do with.....

Larry Lobster: (Grabs Patrick's lips) Up up up. By Living... Like... Gary.

SpongeBob and Patrick: Living... Like... Gary.

Larry Lobster: Living Like Gary! (Walks off)

Patrick: Living Like Gary. Living Like Gary!

SpongeBob: Yeah. I can see him now. Living Like Gary. (Bubbles come up as the scene cuts to Gary doing some cool tricks while jumping on the bed and Snellie and Lary watched him)

Snellie and Lary: (Cheers for Gary) Gary! Gary! Gary! Gary! Gary! Gary! Gary! Gary! (Gary jumps off of the bed while in mid-air and does the tiki wacky and lands with a splat safely on the ground) Hooraaaaaaaaay!!!

Gary: Thank You!! Thank You!! Thank You!!

Snellie: That was an amazing trick, Gary!

Lary: Yeah. You're really good at doing some tricks.

Gary: Thanks, you guys. It's called the tiki wacky and I can also use the triple whip, the funk-a-daily and the slither round.

Snellie and Lary: Wow! (Later SpongeBob comes in his bedroom and sees Gary, Snellie and Lary chatting)

SpongeBob: Hey, Gary! That was a neat trick you just made. I heard it all the way from upstairs.

Gary: Thanks, SpongeBob. I made up my whole trick all by myself.

Snellie: He's a perfection trickster!

Lary: Yeah. He's been doing a stunt for a year!

SpongeBob: That's great, little buddies. Come down stairs with me at Goo Lagoon in 12:00.

Gary, Snellie and Lary: Meow! (SpongeBob goes back down the stairs to meet outside at Goo Lagoon while Gary, Snellie and Lary goes outside the window, slithered up the pineapple walls upon the roof and jumps up and down really really really really really far while in mid-air and lands on the ground with a splat)

Gary: Come on, you guys. Let's go to the Snail-Clubhouse.

Snellie and Lary: Alright! (Bubbles come up as the scene cuts to the Snail-Clubhouse with a good news. All the other snails gathered around the table. Gary told the other snails about his cool tricks)

Gary: I've got good news all of you snails at Snail-Park.

Boss: Well, Runt what was your news about you?

Gary: I'm going to Goo Lagoon to perform a trick.

Snellie: He's got four tricks!

Mary: What were the tricks Gary has been doing?

Lary: There are four tricks he has been doing. They were the triple whip, the funk-a-daily, the slither round and the tiki wacky.

Daniel: Oh boy. I love to perform and watch him do some tricks.

Foofie: Uhh I don't do tricks. I'm a servant snail that doesn't do tricks.

Mary: Oui, I always wanted to do a trick at Goo Lagoon.

Muffsies: So do I. I've been doing a ribbon trick for everybody to see.

Petey: I can count on everybody to do a trick there.

Pat: Meow, meow, meow.

Micheal: Pat is right. I love to see Gary's cool tricks.

Victoria: Can't we come to Goo Lagoon too, Gary?!

Eugene: We really wanted to see your trick!

Sweet Sue: We want to bring your owner SpongeBob and Patrick along.

Gary: Of course you can. We can all go to Goo Lagoon together!

Snellie: You're going to see Gary perform 4 tricks!

Penney: Boy howdy. 4 tricks!

Edward: Now that's something you don't see every day.

Lary: We can do the trick together and follow Gary's stunts.

Pat: Meoooow!!

Spike: I don't know if that's such a good idea.

Dan: What if they see us that were talking snails?

Boss: Well fellas if we see somebody at Goo Lagoon, say meow.

Gary: So come on! I'll show you where to find Goo Lagoon.

Mary: And do some tricks?

Gary: Exactly! (All snails got up and slithered out of the clubhouse as the scene fades to black. Scene cuts to Goo Lagoon where all the snails finally got there. They picked the spot where the perfect wave is calm) This is where I'm about to do a trick!

Daniel: Really? Near the perfect wave?

Lary: Yeah. Watch this everybody. Gary is about to do an amazing trick!

Snellie: Go ahead, Gary, show us a trick!

Gary: Okay, here I go! (He's about to do a triple whip first he jumps then spins around three times and lands safely with a splat)

Boss: Amazing!

Daniel: Do another trick, Gary!

Gary: Okay. (He's about to do a funk-a-daily first he bends his back shell upward and use his snail hands to touch the ground)

Micheal, Victoria, Eugene, Pat, Penney, Sweet Sue and Edward: Wow!!

Spike: How does he do that?

Mary: Do another trick! You know? The next one?!

Gary: Okay. How about this one? (He's about to do a slither round first he spins around while slithering on the ground then he stops spinning around)

Dan: You should be more careful before you get dizzy.

Muffsies: What about that last trick of yours?

Gary: The tiki wacky!

Foofie: Oh that. Well go on show us that trick.

Gary: Okay. (He's about to do the tiki wacky first he jumps high and rolls like a ball backwards and lands safely on the ground with a splat)

Foofie: Amazing, sir!

Mary: Would you teach us how to do all those moves, Gary?

Gary: Sure!

Snellie: Gary will teach you guys all the moves off his sleeve!

Lary: Just follow his league!

Daniel: That sounds good!

Pat: (Jumps up and down) Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow.

Petey: Looks like Pat is ready too. (All snails laughed. Scene cuts to the other part of Goo Lagoon that's where SpongeBob and Patrick come in bringing the video camera so that Patrick can do the trick but sees that the snails are doing some tricks near a perfect wave which is calm)

SpongeBob: What are those snails doing here, Patrick?

Patrick: Hey I know these guys! They help me catch the Irish snail from a pot of gold.

SpongeBob: Really, Pat?

Patrick: Yeah, Come on let's go see them! (Grabs SpongeBob's hand and runs down towards the snails who are doing four tricks. the triple whip, the funk-a-daily, the slither round and the tiki wacky) See? Didn't I tell ya?

SpongeBob: (Sees the snails) Wow, They're so amazing! (All the snails stop doing their four tricks and sees SpongeBob and Patrick with the video camera)

Edward: Gary it's your owner!

Mary: It's SpongeBob!

Penney: Yeah he saw you doing your tricks.

Gary: I can't let SpongeBob see you guys talking except Snellie, Lary and I.

Boss: Don't worry just say one word in front of your owner.

Gary: What's that, Boss?

Boss: It's Meow.

Gary: Oh right. (All snails slithered toward SpongeBob and Patrick)

SpongeBob: Hello, Gary!

Gary, Snellie and Lary: Meow!

SpongeBob: That was an amazing trick you just made.

Patrick: Hello, little Patrick.

Pat: Meeeeoooow.

SpongeBob: Well if it ain't Gary and Snellie's seven snail kids. Micheal, Victoria, Eugene, Pat, Penney, Sweet Sue and Edward. How would you and your snail friends like to watch Gary perform his tricks.?

Patrick: He's gonna do four tricks while you and your owners watch him live.

All Snails but Boss, Dan and Spike: Meow! Meoooow!! Meoooooooow!! Meooow!! Meoooooow!! Meoow!!!

SpongeBob: Great!

Gary: Meow!

Snellie: Meow!

Lary: Meow!

SpongeBob: (Picks up Gary and Snellie under his arms) Come on, you two. Let's get you ready to see Larry Lobster.

Patrick: (Picks up Lary in his hands) Yeah. Let's go! (SpongeBob and Patrick took Gary, Snellie and Lary in their hands while all the other snails follow them to see Larry the Lobster and his muscled fish friends. Them put Gary, Snellie and Lary down while all the other snails finally get to see Larry the Lobster)

SpongeBob: Hi, Larry!

Larry Lobster: Hey, SpongeBob! Patrick! Did you bring your snail Gary with you?

SpongeBob: Yeah but look at the bright side, he's brought his snail friends. Snellie, Lary, Daniel, Mary's Ex- boyfriend and his boys, Micheal, Victoria, Eugene, Pat, Penney, Sweet Sue, Edward, Petey, Foofie, Muffsies and Mary.

Larry Lobster: Wow, that's a lot of snails.

Patrick: They all going to perform four tricks.

Larry Lobster: Well what are we waiting for dudes? Gather up the snails so they can do the trick.

SpongeBob: Okay.

Gary: Meow meow meow!

Snellie: Meow meow meow!

Lary: Meow reow reow!

All Snails: Meooooooow!! Reooooooow!!

Larry Lobster: Ladies and bro's! Bow down to all the snails from Snail-Park. It's time to Live Like Gary!!

Crowd: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! (Claps and applauses)

Boss: Now remember fellas follow the little runt's tricks.

Dan: You got it, Boss!

Spike: Yeah. Let's do these tricks!

Gary, Snellie and Lary: Meow!!! (They and all the snails from Snail-Park began to do four tricks in front of the crowd. First they do the triple whip while jumping and spinning around three times. Next they do the funk-a-daily while bending down upward on their shell backs then they do the slither round while spinning around on the ground and finally they do the tiki wacky while they jump and flip backwards like a ball and lands safely on the ground with a splat. The crowd cheered, clapped and applauses as Larry the Lobster congrats all the snails from Snail-Park)

SpongeBob: They did it!!

Patrick: Yaaaay!!

Larry Lobster: Hey all of you snails that was an amazing trick you just made! Hey Gary, how would you and your snail friends like to be my sidekick?

Gary: Meow!

Snellie: Meow!

Lary: Meow!

All Snails: Meoooooooooooow!! Meoooow!! Meowww!! Meoooooow!!!

Larry Lobster: Excellent! You all are gonna be great snail sidekicks.

SpongeBob: Did you see that, Pat? Larry wants Gary and the other snails to be his sidekicks!

Patrick: What now? (Scene fades to black. Scene fades back to Larry the Lobster who took Gary, Snellie, Lary and all the other snails to be lifeguards. Gary finally asked Larry the Lobster to see if he wants to surf with him)

Gary: (To Larry Lobster) So Larry, will you teach us snails how to surf so that we can do four tricks?

Larry Lobster: Sure. And I like the way you learn your words.

Snellie: Wow! I always wanted to surf a perfect wave.

Lary: Yeah. Count me in!

Daniel: We want to surf too!

All Snails: Yeah!!

Larry Lobster: Whoa now. One snail at a time. Only three snails can surf next to me and do some tricks.

Boss: Hold on. Three Snails next to you on a surfboard? Would that be dangerous?

Larry Lobster: No, it won't be dangerous trust me.

Micheal, Victoria, Eugene, Pat, Penney, Sweet Sue and Edward: All right!!

Mary: Would you teach Gary, Snellie and Lary how to stand on a surfboard?

Larry Lobster: Sure. (To Gary, Snellie and Lary) Once you stand on a surfboard you can do an amazing four trick like you did in front of the crowd.

Foofie: Yeah right. Got it, Gary?

Gary: We'll be okay with Larry the Lobster.

Petey: That's our Gary we know.

Muffsies: He's always something.

Larry Lobster: Well then. Surf's up!!

Gary, Snellie and Lary: Yaaaaay!!! (Goes with Larry the Lobster while on a surfboard and Larry the Lobster goes on his surfboard and above the water they go. Just then SpongeBob and Patrick came by next to all the snails who are watching Gary, Snellie and Lary surf with Larry the Lobster)

SpongeBob: Wow. Now look at Gary, Snellie and Lary.

Patrick: They're surfing with Larry the Lobster. (We see Larry the Lobster, Gary, Snellie and Lary hanging ten on the surfboard. Larry the Lobster does his trick he's doing his trail lay back and Gary, Snellie and Lary are about to do four tricks on their surfboard)

Dan: Wow. Look at them go!

Spike: He's like living with the Lobster!

Boss: Now they're about to do a trick that we just did.

Patrick: Roll the camera, SpongeBob!

SpongeBob: Oh. Right! (He rolls the camera and zooms into Gary, Snellie and Lary who were about to do four tricks)

Pat: Meooooow!! (First, Gary, Snellie and Lary are about to do the triple whip. They jump and spin around three times and lands safely on a surfboard without losing their balance. Next, they're about to do the funk-a-daily. They bend down upward with their backs and touch the surfboard with their hands. Then, they're about to do the slither round on the surfboard they slithered around and around on the surfboard and stops without losing their balance and finally they're about to do the tiki wacky. They jump and roll backwards three times and lands safely on the surfboard. Now Larry the Lobster, Gary, Snellie and Lary came to the land on the sand and got off the surfboard)

All Snails: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!

Pat: Meow!! Meow!!

Petey: Good for you, Gary, Snellie and Lary!

Daniel: Yeah ha ha! Way to go!

SpongeBob: (Takes out a video tape from his video camera) Have we got ourselves a winner or what?

Patrick: You said it, buddy!

Larry Lobster: See I told you dudes that a snail named Gary can live.

SpongeBob: Looks like we've got to get this video tape on to Boating School. Mrs. Puff is going to be so surprised once she sees this.

Gary: You said it, SpongeBob!

Boss: No one even tell the runts they can surf.

Mary: Gary. You, Snellie and Lary are excellent surfers.

Gary: Why thank you, Mary.

Snellie: You're too kind.

Lary: Yeah. But please let us snails not to tell anybody about surfing.

Foofie: I think it's swell, sir.

Muffsies: Me too.

Pat: Meow!! (SpongeBob, Patrick, Larry Lobster, Gary, Snellie, Lary and all the other snails laughed as the scene cuts to SpongeBob's house that night. SpongeBob watched Gary write his favorite snail journal while he writes it for what he, Snellie and Lary learned today)

SpongeBob: They say I got this video camera to zoom in on my snail Gary and his amazing tricks with Snellie and Lary on the surfboard. No one in Bikini Bottom told us you can surf, Gary.

Gary: Thanks SpongeBob, Larry the Lobster teach us how to surf and do some stunts.

Snellie: Now we're excellent surfers and perfect pets.

Lary: Oh yeah. We can do what ever we want now that us snails can talk.

SpongeBob: (Laughs) You sure are. You three snails sure have fun today surfing didn't ya. I wonder what tomorrow's big adventure will be. Huh, Gary, Snellie and Lary?

Gary: Meow!

Snellie: Meow!

Lary: Meow!

SpongeBob: Oh well, good night, Gary, Snellie and Lary.

Gary, Snellie and Lary: Meow! (SpongeBob, Gary, Snellie and Lary fell fast asleep and SpongeBob snores peacefully as we zoom out to SpongeBob's pineapple home)



"United Plankton Pictures"

"Nickelodeon Productions"

TM Copyright @ 2014 Nickelodeon United Plankton Pictures


Gary: Hi! Gary the Snail here!

Mr. Krabs: And Mr. Krabs! Guess what. I'm about to start making Easter egg patties by bringing in more customers and some money.

Gary: Keep on at it, Mr. Krabs. It's Easter in town in Bikini Bottom. And I discover a book from the library called The Easter Snail. I wanted to show all my snail friends and Mr. Doodles about this book.

Mr. Krabs: You can say that again, Snail.

Gary, Snellie and Lary: Next time! "Easter Snail!!" See ya then!!!