Dan: Hey Boss! There's one left!

Dan the orange Snail

Dan the Orange Snail with a red cap on had just appeared in the episode "Gary in Love". When Gary the Snail slithered in the Bikini Bottom pet shop found by a pet store owner Harold he was put in a glass cage when Mary's Ex- boyfriend and his boys slithered in. Dan the Orange Snail works for Mary's Ex- boyfriend who's name was Boss and found the glass cage which is not broken. Dan the Orange Snail was only seen in the hit series. "The Adventures Of Gary The Snail." [1]The gang.Added by Laserdance

Quotes Edit

  • "Hey Boss! There's one left!"
  • (Screamed along with Spike the Bully Snail after he sees the French Poodle Worm and runs for their lives)
  • (Struggles while grunting and tries to get free off of Spike's eyestalks)

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